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Ideal Featured Machine
Custom Designed to Meet and Exceed the Needs of Your Filling Applications.

Featured Machine:

Ideal-Pak® Model: ME2-RNM Semi-Automatic Net Weight Filling Machine for 2 Liter to 20 Liter Containers

Two Head Semi-Automatic Net Weight Liquid Filling Machine with Dual Fill Lance Bottom Fill Nozzles and Pneumatic Lid Closer.

Ideal-Pak ME2-CEM Liquid Filler

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Ideal-Pak® Model: ME2-RNM

Customer: Ink Manufacturer

Customer's Filling Application: Ink
Customer Requirements:

• Auto fill, manual cap place & pneumatically close a variety of   container sizes, including: 2 Liter, 5 Liter, 10 Liter, 20 Liter Plastic   Screw Top F-Style containers and 20 Liter Plastic Tight Head   containers.
• Fill Rate(s) Required:
-- Plastic Screw Top F-Style 2 Liter: 6 – 10 cpm.
-- Plastic Screw Top F-Style 5 Liter: 5 - 9 cpm.
-- Plastic Screw Top F-Style 10 Liter: 4 - 8 cpm.
-- Plastic Screw Top F-Style 20 Liter: 3 - 6 cpm.
-- Plastic Tight Head 20 Liter: 3 - 6 cpm.
• Automatic electronic net-weight filling.
• Consistent Filling Accuracy to within +/- 0.1 lbs. requiring Automatic   electronic net-weight filling • Slightly foamy ink products – requiring   bottom up filling.
• Cleaner filling operation; less dripping & spilling.
• Compact machine footprint - Single operator machine operation –   operator to place empty containers & place lids.
• Provide exit conveyor for filled product.
• Portable Filling Machine.
• Hazardous location due to use of solvents.

Machine Design:

• Automated net-weight filling for high value consumer product.
• Dual Ideal-Pak® Fill Lance Nozzles configured for bottom-up filling to   accommodate slightly foamy products and maximize fill rates.
• Compact machine footprint.
• Color Touch screen HMI - for easy machine setup, operation and   recipe management.
• Wetted parts: Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, KalRez, Polypropylene, PVC,   Teflon and Viton.
• Class 1, Div 1 Package.
• Gravity Roller Exit Conveyor.
• Rugged casters with locking wheels.
• Flush Attachment

Customer's Improvement:

• Improved filling line productivity – CPM targets achieved for wide   range of container sizes.
• More consistent and controlled filling of high value ink product –   accuracy achieved.
• Optimal control of foamy products and improved filling rates.
• More reliable plastic f-style cap seal.
• Single operator can now operate the filling line.
• Gravity roller exit conveyor provides interim storage for work in   progress (WIP).
• Meets Safety Guidelines - Class 1, Div 1 Package added to machine.



































Ideal-Pak® ME2-RNM Product Data Sheet Specifications

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